May 17

Steps to keep the freshness of your storage solutions alive for years!

Storage lockers have been a man’s best friend from the time man started collecting and storing things. With time it evolved to a beautifully designed piece of furniture that has almost become ubiquitous in nature. You can encounter variety in design, shapes, size, structure as well as materials – that takes care of the different needs and preferences of the customers. We can find this eminent piece of furniture in schools, offices, households and many such places where there are legions of things all awaiting to be disposed of gracefully to create space.

The person who takes care of you needs someone to be taken care, isn’t it? The lockers too need some care and guidance so that they do not loose their sheen due to carelessness or negligence. Buying storage locker is indeed a one-time investment, but taking care of it will augment its rate of returns.

Guidelines to maintain the freshness of storage lockers

Let me guide you through the steps that are sure to protect the quality of your storage lockers.

  • Set a routine to clean your storage lockers. Regular clean-ups would prevent accumulation of dirt in large quantity. Regular cleaning wards off the possibility of irreversible damage.

  • When you are cleaning make sure not to use any coarse object to wipe away the dirt. If the locker is wooden avoid using wet clothes.

  • Take time to examine the entire locker from top to bottom to find any flaw. This will encourage you can take immediate action as soon as any minor fault is observed.

  • Use mineral spirits to wipe out the white spots that is caused by the presence of water on the wooden lockers.

  • Check the doors and locks occassionally for any faults in the latches, hinges or the locks. Take immediate actions as soon as you spot any inaccuracy.

  • While cleaning metal lockers see to it that you avoid using acidic, alkaline or abrasive cleaners as this might tamper the quality of metal.

  • Similarly, the cleaning of wooden lockers should be devoid of materials that contain vinegar, wax, ammonia or silicone based ingredients.

  • Small scratches and abrasions should be taken care by generously applying a coat of touch up paint.

  • The hinges and latches should be coated with lubricants occasionally to avoid the squeakiness caused by careless handling.

  • Efforts should be taken to see to it that wooden and metal lockers UK do not come in contact with the moisture as the might get bloated or corroded with the reaction.

Final Note:

Storage lockers are a one stop solution for your storage needs, getting everything organized as well as giving a place for all the things that when left unattended results in clutter. When a storage locker has so much to give, why not spend some time in its maintenance, increasing their life expectancy. The above-mentioned guidelines are sure to protect the lifespan of your lockers if done religiously. Moreover, you could even take extra efforts to clean and maintain the quality of your storage solutions.

Mar 17

The Glory of Laptop – Finding a Place of Its Own!

Gone are the days where you had to carry a paper and a pen to note down important things. An electronic device that has managed to replace all the traditional methods of storing information has made its way in this tech freak world. Yes, I am talking about the laptops. All thanks to Charles Babbage who invented the computers years ago that eventually lead to more advanced and updated versions of the computer. The portability factor is the USP of this electronic device that has been contributing to its popularity among different age groups. It is an electronic device that is not only cherished by youngsters but people of all age groups have found its importance in their lives.

Every expensive thing in the world needs proper care and attention as there are chances of it being either stolen or deteriorate with time and usage. Laptops too need that special care and attention. With storage lockers making its existence since time immemorial, there are lockers for laptops that look after its safety and security. We have the laptop lockers from Locker Shop UK and many other parts of the world that generously contribute towards providing safety and security to this esteem electronic device.

Variety is the spice of life:

Variety is the spice of life and one gets to witness a wide range of options when it comes to purchasing a laptop locker. It comes in various shapes and sizes for all those who love to match the lockers with their surroundings. You could get laptop locker UK from Locker Shop UK and many such storage locker stores to quench your storage needs. From individual lockers to bulk lockers you have a plethora of options to choose from. Moreover, you even get to witness laptop lockers that have an inbuilt charger where you can lock your laptops when it is being charged. One need not spend hours looking after the laptops that are kept for charging at public places. The world keeps on inventing things that aces up the convenience of the human race and a laptop locker with an inbuilt charger is another important invention that accelerates the convenience factor.

Places of abode:

One gets to witness laptop lockers in schools, libraries, offices, colleges and many such places where people are deemed to carry laptops along with them on a daily basis. By providing lockers you get the advantage to not to carry the device along with yourself on a daily basis. You can find lockers that are static as well as movable in nature and this greatly benefits the organization who would be installing the lockers.

Final Note:

You can find variety that the laptop locker UK from being categorized as something unique and durable. The ease through which it can be used, the level of safety that it provides, the convenience factor and many such features greatly influences the use of laptop lockers. There are many companies who are providing the best of storage solutions, make yourselves avail the best of solutions.

Jan 17

Different Breeds That The Laptop Storage Lockers Have on Display!

Books, stationery items, bags, important notes – all these perfectly sum up the life of a student. With the world becoming more and more digital we have seen a new intruder in the life of a student and that is a ‘Laptop’. Earlier we found laptops with businessmen, households and office, but now even the students are finding the need to carry laptops with them. Laptops have slowly become the new pen and paper for storing important facts and figures and hence we need a proper place to store this digital information storage package. Variety rules the market when it comes to fulfilling the needs and requirements of the people. And we have a diversity in the laptop locker criteria.

Types of lockers that the market has to offer to its clients:

1. Charging lockers:

A laptop locker with an inbuilt charging point will be the most cherished and adored storage device. You will find the need to install lockers for laptop in schools, colleges, offices and even in libraries. A place where you have a lot of people, security becomes a matter of concern and if you get the privilege to lock and charge your laptops at the same time then it is one of the most admired conveniences for the people. These places witness a huge amount of importance to lockers that facilitate an inbuilt charging point. They are way more expensive than the non-charging lockers and the master lock laptop lockers due to its inbuilt charging feature and moreover, it is the most admired ones in terms of convenience for the users. 

2. Non-charging lockers:

A laptop locker without an inbuilt charging option is another choice for most of the management when it comes to providing a laptop locker the market has some feeble options to select from and one among them is a non-charging laptop locker. Noncharging lockers are comparatively cost effective and find its existence in a majority of places.

3. Master lock laptop cabinets:

Another option that the market has in store for the management is the master lock laptop cabinets that promise to hold on to a bunch of laptops with a single lock and key factor. This saves up installing of individual cabinets for a laptop. All you need to do is to capture safety of the laptops in one single shield. This is locking all the students in a single room rather than providing a separate room for each student. There goes a master key with such kind of laptop lockers. Such type of lockers restricts the usage as an individual is devoid of having access to the master keys.

You have varieties in terms of products that the market has to offer. Apart from the above-mentioned options, there is diversity in the materials that are used to build these lockers, the types of lock used to provide security and the texture of the lockers that races up the aesthetic factor. As a decision maker, it becomes necessary to streamline your needs that are sure to justify the products you will be opting for.

Jan 17

The Ultimate Guide For Wooden Lockers

Lockers are one of the most convenient furniture that have found a place in every nook and corner of a building. Right from storing books to electronics to huge cars, storage lockers have been the most sought after amenities. We all are aware of the fact that storage lockers are made of different material and they are purchased according to the needs and requirements of the clients. A storage locker shop has a variety of lockers for sale that comprises of metal lockers, plastic lockers, wooden lockers, and the variety list would go on as far as the preference of the people could be accommodated.

A wooden locker gives a classic look to the decor of the place. There are people who do opt for wooden lockers. It is mostly opted for home requirements, libraries and places which give a sense of calmness and requires a piece of furniture that matches with the environment. When you go to a store you will find beautifully carved wooden lockers for sale that have been freshly baked and out from the factory outlets. Once a wooden locker has been purchased it needs to be taken care of so that it does not loose its attention over a period of time. Here is a list of things that should be done to maintain a wooden locker with ease and tranquility.

Guiding steps that retain and maintains the health of your wooden locker for a considerably longer period of time.

We do carry out the daily chores that are required to keep the surroundings neat and clean. Be it our house, office or school. When we carry out this daily chore the cleaning and dusting process should also be carried out or the wooden lockers. Make sure to clean the wooden locker on a daily basis so that you do not end up with a good amount of dust at the end of a certain period. And at that time it would be very difficult to carry out the cleaning process.

Avoid using silicon-based ingredients, ammonia, wax or vinegar for cleaning of the wooden lockers. Use a soft cloth to wipe out the dust particles.

Make sure that no amount of water or moisture gets accumulated over the lockers as it might starting developing white spots or might begin to deteriorate. Prevent water droplets from coming in contact with the wooden lockers.

Do not forget the interiors. Give time to clean the interiors properly so that the lockers remain gracefully elegant not only from the outside but also from the inside. Set a routine for clean up and regularly adhere to it.

Polish your wooden furniture to avoid losing out the shine of the lockers. Make this process occasionally applicable as you cannot afford to do it on a daily basis.

Following the above mentioned basic steps of cleaning the wooden lockers is guaranteed to give you a beautiful locker that has a life span more than expected.

Dec 16

Thinking About Ways To Adorn Your School Lockers ?

School days are one of the best days of our lives, where we get to learn a lot of things. Lockers for schools are a boon to teaching some of the important life lessons. Be it manners, learning of values or learning certain rules of life – a school is one of the best places to inherit certain values. Owning a locker in the school will help you to stay organized, become responsible towards your things and how to manage time between classes to get your things from the locker. Having a locker in school teaches us a lot of things.


We always see to it that we appear the best when we go to meet people, isn’t it ?Whenever you go out you dress yourself up so hat you get to wear your personality on your sleeves and carry it with grace. Same is the case with lockers. Decorating one’s lockers to an extent reflects one’s personality. It is a fun process to decorate your locker and keeping it stylish in nature.

Why don’t you dress up your locker so that you can execute one of the best personalities ever ? Don’t know where to begin from and how to get things all started ? Well, let me guide you through some ideas that will help you in decorating your lockers.

Let us see some ideas that can be used to decorate your school storage lockers.

1. Stick to a theme:

There are many themes that can be used to make your lockers scintillating. You can follow a sports theme or a cartoon theme or a movie theme and the list is endless. When you adopt a theme it becomes quite exciting to decorate your locker and get it all decked up with a whole new set of theme.

2. Use of materials:

There are a lot of materials that contribute to a locker’s decoration. Lockers for schools comes in various shapes and sizes and hence you can use different materials to decorate your school lockers. There is the wall hanging, magnets with really great images. Put posters of your favorite icons or a small piece of mirror if you want to keep a check of yourself. You can even put in some wall hangings to decorate your locker.

3. Flavor the air with aroma:

Fragrances are always appreciated it as it brings in an ode of freshness to the surroundings. Drizzle a small amount of your favorite perfume to keep your locker smelling fresh and aromatic every time you open. It will not only keep your locker smelling fresh, but will spread its aroma to its surroundings.

4. Keep it simple:

Simplicity is the most appreciated factor when it comes to decking up yourself or your locker. Do not over decorate your locker as it will give out false impression and this to a large extent might affect your personality.

5. Add a flair of creativity:

Make it creative by adding something that is quite unique and gives a touch of creative. Creativity often gives a thumbs up, when it comes to decorating your locker with a theme or a design that is out of the box.

Aug 16

Laptop Lockers – Specialized Storage For The Modern Generation


It is necessary to stay connected 24X7 today. However, you need to have a device for accessing the Internet for this purpose. Sure, you have a number of small electronic devices that can help you to log in and out without problem but having a laptop handy comes with its own advantages. You can ensure a full day’s work when you travel or check into a hotel for instance. What about security though? It does not make sense to leave your precious laptop lying around without any form of security especially when you are amongst strangers. Fret not; purchasing laptop storage lockers will solve your problem once and for all.

But what exactly is a laptop locker. Is it different from an ordinary storage unit? Well, the answer is both yes and no. It has a door that can be locked securely, of course but there the similarity ends. The other features are dedicated to the storage of a laptop with options available for charging it as you remain away from it.

You are welcome to buy one such locker for your solo use or opt for Laptop Lockers that contain several compartments for storing a number of laptops simultaneously. The dimensions including the depth are well suited to store the modern day laptops comfortably too. The compartments are fitted with power sockets where you can charge your device as and when needed. The door is sturdy and resistant to scratches so that you can be confident of finding your laptop undamaged. Do not panic on discovering tiny perforations at the rear of your laptop locker though. It has been so designed for dispersing the heat generated from charging of your laptop as it remains in storage. You will be in no doubt about the quality as every single laptop locker from well known companies comes with a CE mark.

The single laptop lockers, on the other hand, provide you will all the functions mentioned above but can be carried around as well. This portability will help you greatly as you travel from one city to another on work or even when you are on vacation. Long drives will not have you fretting about staying away for hours on end anymore. You can safely place your snug laptop locker in the trunk of your vehicle or under your work desk. Keeping it within a hotel closet can also help you to remain in touch with the world every single second of the day.

So, go on and order the model you fancy without any delay. The earlier you get the laptop lockers installed in your school, work place, and club houses, you are likely to find peace of mind at the soonest. You really do not have to get hold of an electrician to test the power socket of your locker. The top companies guarantee the quality as the lockers are delivered to their clients only after passing through a pat test at the factory. The installation service is also provided by the companies on request.

Jul 16

Valuable Tips on Choosing Office Locker Components

When you are setting up your office, there are a number of things that you need to think of. These include getting the right furniture, setting up of work stations or cubicles, and arranging for different types of décor elements. Another important thing that you will need to work on is the type of locker systems that you are going to have placed in your office. Lockers are a vital component of any office, whether large or small. They not only help to keep numerous files and official records of the company in a safe way but also allow the employees to keep their belongings in a safe and secure manner.

It is of utmost necessity that you invest in the best lockers for maintaining the order and decorum of your office. Unless your employees have lockers to keep their belongings, they will need to keep them on the floor or strewn all over their working desks. This is not only going to make the working floor messy but also make it difficult for you and your employees to walk around. Moreover, it also increases the chances of your workers losing or misplacing their belongings and reduces their overall productivity. So you must provide them with the best locking components for keeping all of their items.

You should also buy cheap lockers UK for managing your official and legal documents. These are important documents that are needed to be kept in a safe way. If you do not keep them in an organized manner, then there is high chance that they will get lost, misplaced or even stolen. That can cause all the more problems for your office. Hence you should always focus on getting the best lockers for your office as that can provide you with the security you need and increase your productivity. It can also create a good impression on the clients who may visit your office from time to time.

There are a number of factors that you should consider while getting the right lockers from a lockers UK company. These are mentioned below in brief.

  • Always get your products from a reliable and well known brand that specializes in manufacturing lockers for office and corporate environments. The lockers that they provide you with should come with high security features. You should also choose lockers that are made to resist any fire hazard.

  • Every locker unit that you purchase must come with the necessary safety standards associated with the materials used in its development.
  • The store that you buy lockers from should be able to provide you with the installation and post-installation help that you may require.
  • You should take into consideration the space that is available for the lockers in your office. You will have multiple tiers of lockers to choose from. Usually, the more number of tiers a locker unit has, the less ground space it takes to stand.
  • Make sure that your locker units are tamper proof as it can prevent attempts of breaking in.

Jul 16

Tips To Help You Buy Lockers

Lockers are very important whether in home or office. They can be used for multiple purposes and you can pick one from the variety available in the store. You can buy lockers from any of the online store. They come in a variety of size, shape and color which makes it easy for you to match with the color scheme of the room you are planning to install it in.

What is a locker and why would you want to invest in it? Investing and installing in a locker means you have a safe and secured place to store your personal belongings. They can be installed anywhere in public or a private area like home. Even in public places like gym and club lockers provide security and protect your personal item from theft. Most of us tend to open Whatsapp check messages or update status on Facebook and Twitter at regular intervals. Keeping important things like Smartphone in locker when you are in the gym means you can concentrate on your workout without disturbance and worry.

Lockers in schools are also important. Are you thinking why buy lockers for school? Installing storage in school means kids can keep some of their belongings like sports equipment, extra pair of uniform etc so that they don’t have to carry heavy bags everyday which can be harmful for their health. Installing lockers also help in inculcating some basic skills in children. You are thinking what? Lockers are usually shared among students. So kids learn sharing, organizing and time management when they are given a place for storing things and fixed time to operate it. If you go back to the days when you were kid, schools had grey painted shelves where teachers use to keep books. But today they come not just in a variety of design but also in various materials. You can buy storage lockers uk made of wood, metal like steel or plastic. Plastic lockers are perfect for school because they help in maintaining hygiene. They come with a germ protection coat which helps in preventing spread of diseases.

The size of the locker depends on the area you are planning to install. If your area is big then you can select a bigger one with more space for keeping things. You can also buy a single unit locker or one which comes with several units attached together. Mostly when you buy lockers company provide free installation service to their customers. If the area is big enough you can request them to set the locker on the floor but if the space is limited then you can get it mounted on the wall. Before you invest make sure to read the terms and conditions of the company so that you can get complete information about the after sales service they provide.

You can store any kind of item in the locker but if you are planning to buy one for keeping valuables like jewellery then you must invest in one which has a good locking system. Usually the price of a locker depends on three factors and they are material used for manufacturing, size and the kind of security it provides. For kitchen or your garden you do not need one with a high end security system. Even in schools if you are buying locker for students use then you can select one especially designed for the purpose. High security lockers can be used in office for storing important documents.

There are many online stores from where you can buy lockers but little research will help you save money. You can check out various websites, see what are the different variety of product they have, compare the price and select the best one. When you compare the price always take quality and service into consideration. You can also check if they run any kind of offer in terms of discounts or anything for their customer. Discounts are a great way of saving money. Some companies also sell used lockers. Used lockers UK usually come with a lower price tag than the newly manufactured product. You can invest in used lockers but before you do that make sure to do proper research. Research in the sense you can call the company or write to them and know about the product in detail.

Nov 15

How To Improve Your Warehouse Storage With Industrial Cupboard?

Keeping the workplace well-organized and running is the biggest challenge some of business owners face nowadays. There are a variety of different storage unit types and sizes available in the market today. You can find everything from welded heavy duty unit to a lightweight storage cupboard. If you have got a lot of tools, inventory stock, equipment, valuable or hazardous products at work, it is important that they are kept safe and sound in a high quality industrial cupboard. An organization in an Industrial or workshop location is essential than just keeping the place clutter-free.

There is a broad range of storage unit that workplace and industries make use of such as wall cabinets, mobile shelving, cupboards and special storage lockers to get their surrounding thoroughly organized and working well. Although, particularly for large storage requirement at warehouse or industries the so-called industrial cupboard is the right quick fix. Regardless of what you plan to store, there are some simple factors that you need to consider before confirming if you are making the most of the Industrial storage systems available today.

All-embracing Storage Unit Structures:

If you are the in-charge of a workshop or an industrial process, you will know the impact of having a quality industrial storage cupboard. There is a wide assortment of these products are utilized for various ulterior motives. You can select some of the highly preferable storage units that are built by using high-quality of material like plastic or steel because it will aid the unit to be rust-free. There is a broad variety of color alternatives available to pick. An active paint coat will also assist to keep the product highly flexible and durable. These products also have standard locking systems so that the material you have stored within is safe.

Highest Quality Materials:

A colorful plastic storage cupboard is an ultimate source when we talk about meeting storing requirements. These products are made of excellent quality material. They are intended to offer maximum space for the goods inside and be strong and durable at the same time. They are flawless for any warehouse or factory usage as there will be lots of scratches. Plan to buy online from numerous color shades, and later on use a coding system to mention the different sorts of substances. These products are projected to be stacked on each other as it helps in saving space.

Heavy-duty and Durable:

Industrial storage cupboards cater a lot of space as well as the security of the items that are put inside it. The walls of this storage system are reinforced so that they have more strength to safeguard within heavyweight goods too. The door handles are also quite convenient. The base of this storage unit is even and has an entwining design so that simple stacking of units on top of each other can be done. So, think no more and buy storage cupboards for your warehouse online as you will come across different sizes along with complete product description. Remember to choose the dealer that offers free home delivery.

To conclude:

With a lot of variety in storage cupboards, cabinets and lockers available, it is wise to contact a storage specialist to help you find and select the one that fits your need aptly.

Oct 15

3 Ultimate Reasons To Choose Colour Range Lockers For Storage

Nowadays you will find storage lockers everywhere from home, workplace, school, library, banks, to railway stations. Are you tired seeing those gigantic grey units of time immemorial? Do not get turned off the best thing about modern lockers are that they were always available in steel but now you can find them in diversified colours too. These colour Range storage lockers have basic features like body built of steel with multiple compartment lockers option with all doors having openings to let air circulate within.

Other than that the colour alternatives available in the door are Jade, Ocean, Orange, Lilac, and Lemon and colour alternatives available for the storage unit body are white, black, and silver. On the other hand, the entire storage unit is coated with Active coat to protect it from rust and corrosion. There are various purposes of fixing a locker at various places, although they are indispensable in this era where people are too materialistic and carry a lot of things which has a high probability of getting damaged, misplaced or stolen.

The 3 advantages of colour Range Storage Lockers are:

They form an important element of Interior décor:

Colour Range Lockers

We all know that currently colour range storage lockers are found in the market in diverse forms and dimensions. However, you can find them in various colours and with decorations or designs on them too. It can help in improving the interior décor of your house or any particular space. Without a shred of a doubt, an empty wall can look amazing with these colour range storage lockers made of steel. It is a fantastic way to make more storage space and give a style to your home. You can also match your locker with other furniture in your house. If you are planning to fix it on walls, you can buy a colour that goes well with the wall paint. You can get a handy locker or have it custom made to suit your needs at a good online store. The fixtures are low-priced, so you can buy locker online if you consider their purposes and utility at homes, offices, schools, etc.

They conserve a lot of storage space

As already said, storage lockers do not take away a lot of space but offer more space to accommodate substances. You will be astonished at how much space you can save by storing your home, workplace, and personal items in this unit. If you are an employee in the office and have to manage a lot of paper documents, lockers are beneficial for resourcefully and carefully storing your office papers. You may take the files with you to different rooms and forget to place them at the right place. Your imperative files may end up on couches, beds or even on the kitchen stand.

This type of storage unit stops paper documents from being disseminated around the house and finally being misplaced. They give a systematic and tidy appearance to the room, and space they have been fixed at. Placing your files in a structured way aid you look for and retrieve them effortlessly. Other office associated stuff such as your laptop and carry cases can also be stored in such colourful locker safely.

Storage lockers in offices allow employees to find the correct document faster, and to keep them back in a prearranged manner. Offices have lots of paper documents, and keeping them on writing table and desks can consume a lot of space. Allotting employees, a small locker can let them safeguard their belongings, keep their workstation clear of files and give a well-ordered appearance.

They help in organizing things appropriately:

Colour range lockers are extremely productive fixtures for arranging items appositely. They are advantageous for storing different items and do not conquer much room in space you keep them in. By ordering numerous items in the storage units, you can conserve a lot of space these items usually take away when kept lying outside. Things such as CDs, magazines, Books and more add a lot of mess in a room. By putting them in a locker, you can make your room look spick-and-span. If you have an additional room in your house, you can install a locker into space and turn it into a locker room. You can use this room to stack essential items, files, and book in a much safer way.